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[ We are

team of young professionals in freight forwarding, customs procedures and international trade.
interested listeners and competent counselors.
proactive & creative. ]

[ We like

when our customers have friendly and simple business with Russia and C.I.S.
to show short and easy way for your cargo flow.
to propose cost-effective logistics solutions. ]

Route development management

Global view on planning and development of cargo flow from Russia and C.I.S. and vise versa. Import and export. Advice on direct supplies as well as transit via 3-rd countries. Tailor-made solutions for the goods distribution to remote regions.

Customs procedures' advice.

Daily customs routine such as bureaucracy and a lack of the clear procedures - troubled water, some are fishing in. Our clear instructions, step-by-step guidelines and supervision will help you don't become a "fish".

Benchmarking and market research.

Get a relevant market insight from the first hands. Quotations from operators and analysts is your tool for a proper decision making.

Legal advice.

Local legal expertise from the experienced lawyers.

[ Tell us what you need to ship and we will advise you how to do it efficiently. ]

  • Customers respect our independent and unprejudiced opinion


    We are not affiliated with carriers and service providers, so we do not impose the service on their behalf. We always recommend the best for a customer, even if it is not the most convenient for a vendor.

  • We are open to our customers


    We answer questions in details providing references. You do not just get a quote, you get an information for the decision making.

  • At Defret we have an extensive knowledge of the market


    We do not resell turnkey solutions from the international freight forwarders. We know how to make better and gladly tell you.
    You do not pay to the unknown third parties.

  • Our clients appreciate that they can adequately assess all risks with us


    We provide reliable information, not the advertising images, which allows our customers to properly estimate risks.
    You do not pay for the misleading slogans and confusing "logistics product synergy" stories.

  • Transparent pricing & flexibility in calculation


    The cost of consulting services always agrees in advance. If you think the solution we offered is not comprehensive - you do not pay.
    You do not pay for the service you do not need. Only effective knowledges, actions and advices.

How We Can Help You To Improve Your Logistic In Russia and C.I.S.

Do not miss your chance to get a professional logistics advice. Tailor made logistics solutions for free.
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Need a competent customs clearance consultancy in Russia? Get it free of charge from our experienced customs brokers.
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You are experience player in russian foreign trade market? Obtain the free of charge comparison of your current rates from the most advanced local vendors.
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Making a first steps on the market? You are on the safe ground with our expertise and competence.
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[ ] tel: +358.942.704.758
[ ] email: adviser@defret.ru